Library Reopen- June 8

Hello Everyone,
We are preparing for reopen and will be ready for you on June 8th.

We appreciate your patience with us in this process.  We will be watching what the State does on June 1st, as well as other libraries, to give us a little extra time to prepare.  In the meantime please take advantage of our curbside request service.  You can call or email us for requests and a pick up time.

When we do re-open please follow these basic Covid-19 rules.  This list does not include our full policies for when we re-open.  Please check our Policy Page when we are closer to open for our full policies.

Please follow these basic rules when you enter the Vassalboro library.

1.     Only 5 people are allowed in the library at a time.  If you see a STOP sign on the door please wait until you see people exit the library.  All library members are restricted to 30 minutes in the library to accommodate others who want to enter.   
2.     You must wear a face covering at all times inside the library.  We have some donated masks for those in need. 
3.      Return all books in the book-drop or on the clearly marked bookcase in the entryway.  Materials will not be checked-in for 72 hours. 
4.      Sanitize or wash hands when you enter the library.
5.     When browsing for books or materials please keep all books with you that you touch.  DO NOT return books back onto the shelf once you have handled them.  Bring all materials you have touched to the circulation desk.  If you choose not to take home any materials staff will take care of those items.
6.     When you use a computer you are limited to 30 minutes.  Please inform staff if you need to print or need help on the computer.  Sanitize hands before using the computer.  Computer use for entertainment purposes are discouraged until further notice. 
7.      In the book-sale room sanitize hands before you touch books.  Only one person or family group allowed in the book-sale room.  We also encourage all people to wear gloves (provided) in the book-sale room because you may need to move books around.  Please bring exact change and/or small bills.