Annual Appeal

Dear friends, members of the Library, and neighbors,
As a long-time Library Board member, I’ve volunteered to write this year’s annual appeal letter. I've not exactly been avoiding the assignment, although I would rather edit someone else’s copy, and so the theme of my letter turns out to be “Contributions.”  I’ve made many contributions to our Library over the years, even though they tend to involve hobbies of mine. I did a hitch starting the stove fire on Saturdays, but mainly I’ve tended the clocks over the years, and most of all repaired books that break apart or otherwise need mending.  (Let me take this occasion to urge you not to use scotch tape for mending! It does not last, and cannot be removed without doing more damage.) 
I wish I could say I’ve contributed more to the Board’s work, but we each have our role to play.  However, I am very pleased with our recent history. Last year Donna, our former Librarian, took a job closer to home, and our Assistant Librarian, Brian, moved into the post quietly and very effectively. We have a new Assistant Librarian, Alexis, who has many good ideas for offerings involving young folks.  Brian is committed to increasing services for the benefit of the community, and Library hours changed as a direct result. We found that very few library members used our evening hours from 6 to 8 p.m.  So we decided it would be best to have shorter hours and add an extra day: four 6-hour days instead of three 8-hour days.  Since the summer, Brian has increased our children's programming and the library has hosted a Story-time two days a month.  Our new Assistant, Alexis, is very active in creating crafts for children to complete in the library or to take home.  We will soon offer more programs for adults (including an upcoming Book Club) and a small book-sale during the winter months.
The income from the annual Book and Bake Sale is an important contribution to our budget, and the Silent Auction is another.  We appreciate the support the community shows us during these times.  In cash and in kind works, contributions allow our Library to live, thrive and serve. The list of contributions is long.   It starts with the Town’s annual appropriation, then into becoming a new volunteer yourself, or even an interest in becoming a prospective Board Member.  I hope you will also join us as members and supporters of the library with a financial contribution of your own.  Please help us make the coming year another good one for our Vassalboro Free Public Library. On behalf of the Board, thank you in advance.
Chuck Ferguson
The Vassalboro Public  Library  is a non-profit organization under Internal Revenue Code Section  501(c)(3). Your donation may be tax deductible.  For your benefit and as required by law, we state that the Vassalboro Public Library did not provide any goods or services in consideration, in whole or in part, for this contribution.