Requests - Curbside Service

Vassalboro Public Library will once again begin taking requests for curbside service on Monday, May 11.  You can call or email us with a request- or 923-3233.   

Staff will be available in the library during our regular service hours.  However please allow for some irregularities in the first and last hour and on Saturdays.  Please leave a message if we do not answer and staff will contact you as soon as we are available.  Our regular service hours are Mondays and Fridays 12-6p and Wednesdays and Saturdays 10-4p.

Please make sure to check our Online Catalog before you contact us to see what is available. Library name is Vassalboro Public Library and leave the password blank.

Once you contact us, we will work out the time you will come to pick up your requests.  These requests will then be left outside the front door of the library on a bookshelf or stool.  We will write your name on the outside of the bag for easy identification.  In the event of rainy weather the requests will be inside a tote.  We ask that no one request to come into the library until we officially reopen.  You can continue to return books via our book-drop.

Staff will be diligent in disinfecting the exterior of items, and we will wear a mask and gloves throughout the process.  

We look forward to once again serving your information needs. 
Best regards,
Brian Stanley – Library Director