Frogtown Mountain Puppeteers - July 14!

Vassalboro Grange- 353 Main St. (Extra parking at Library and Historical Society)
July 14 with a 3pm start. Doors open at 2:45!
Eight-year-old Lucy and her goofy pal Little Chucky are searching for buried treasure, but a gang of bumbling pirates keeps getting in the way! Frogtown Mountain Puppeteers is a puppetry troupe based in Bar Harbor, Maine, and comprised of three siblings. Founded in 2000 they write and create all the shows they perform and have received three Citations of Excellence from UNIMA-USA, the highest national award in puppetry.


Summer Reading - Bikes for Books !

Signups will start June 13 at the library! Summer Reading ends August 27.  
Come by during our open hours to signup!  Students will get a summer reading packet and a free book.  After signing up come back to the library after reading 2 hours.  Fill out a quick form and you will get another raffle ticket for a chance to win a bike! 


Northern Stars Planetarium- June 23


Northern Stars Planetarium at the VCS School gym.  Thursday, June 23.

 This event is filled!  We can not accept new registrations.

Please arrive early for seating.  Masks are required by the presenter inside the dome.

Exploring Our Solar System.  11a-12 
Let’s explore the planets and dwarf planets, both as seen in the night sky and as visited by space probes. The show includes a constellation point out as well.

Galaxies.  1-2p  
What are galaxies?  We’ll begin by examining our own Milky Way in several different ways using different types of light. Then discover how we learned that other spiral nebulae are actually galaxies separate from our own. We’ll see to the edge of the known universe to see the oldest galaxies of all.

A World of Sky Stories. 2:30-3:30p
Legends of the sky from around the world are told live under the stars. Hear stories from Australian Aborigines, Inuit (Eskimo), African Tribes, Japan, India, the rain-forests of South America.

Library Book Sale!

Library Book sale during the community wide yard sale! Stop by when you are out and about! 1$ per book is suggested price with a large assortment of free books.

Maine Speaks - Saturday May 21 at Vassalboro Grange

The Underground Railroad: Retracing the Tracks.
An illustrious walk back in time to discuss the history of the Underground Railroad and its relevance and significance to Maineʼs total and accurate history. As part of this discussion I explore the places that were hidden all around us in plain sight, each with its own story begging to be told and lessons waiting to be shared. Those with eyes look and those with ears, hear. Itʼs all around us.
Pamela Cummings is currently President of the Board of Directors and Director of Education Programs for The Abyssinian Meeting House. She is also the creator and writer of two books and the founder of A Walk Back in Time, a theatrical walk retracing the footsteps of enslaved people in Portland, Maine–from the Custom Wharf to The Abyssinian Meeting House and slavery to freedom.


May weekly programs !

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