VCS Students

Here is a list of useful links and resources 
to help you learn, identify, and interact with the natural world.  
This page will be updated regularly so explore and come back later!


Maine Tree identification
from Maine  This will narrow down what trees you see around you on a daily basis.

Nature Activities
from Western Foothills Land Trust.  1) Using your senses in Nature 2) Spring Tree ID 3) Mud Season Animal Tracking 4) Spring Bird Identification.


Wildflowers of the United States
This link will take you to the Reference guide for Maine Flowers.  This website and Wildflower Search are both older websites but they are a solid online reference source. 
Wildflower Search
Wildflower identification website.  This link will take you to the Vassalboro area.  This is a fun website you can play around with settings and coordinates and find your flowers!

Maine Garden Ideas
This is an older website as well but this link will also help you narrow down the flowers in your area.

Birds Bird identification in Maine
This link will take you to a list of birds in Kennebec County, Maine.

"E-Bird began with a simple idea—that every birdwatcher has unique knowledge and experience. Our goal is to gather this information in the form of checklists of birds, archive it, and freely share it to power new data-driven approaches to science, conservation and education." 

Cornell Lab of Ornithology
There are lots of free resources here, and some that require payment.  Live cams and Bird guides can help identify birds.  There is an APP called Merlin that can be used.

"Our planet is alive with birds, and there is nothing more fulfilling and potentially life-changing than observing birds and nature. As we watch and listen, birds help us understand the living world."

Natural History Resources

Chewonki - Home Resource Page
Maine at home learning from Chewonki.  Great educational videos and resources.
Bigelow - Laboratory for Ocean Sciences
Laboratory in Boothbay Harbor.  An archived page of educational resources.
Is a community of individuals and groups around the world who record the natural world around them and share it online.  You can post your observations and build community around nature.  Check here for what others have already recorded in Vassalboro: Observations in Vassalboro Maine

Distance Learning Resources from the National Resources Council of Maine. "8 great Kid's distance learning resources by Maine organizations."

Outdoor Activity Guide
From  "For Kids Who Like Messing Around in Maine."

Maine Mineral Museum - Bethel
This includes a rock garden exhibit of Maine minerals.