Vassalboro Public Library will host two separate Census Days in December. The United States Census Bureau will be hiring for 2020 Census Jobs, with paid training, and very flexible hours right in your local community. Vassalboro Library will have a member of the Census Bureau available onsite to answer any questions about these local job opportunities 
and for application assistance.
The sessions will be held at the library on December 9 from 4-6pm and December 11 from 12-2pm.  If interested visit www.2020census.gov/jobs for more information or to apply online.
For more details on the application assistance sessions sign-up by calling or emailing the library at 923-3233 - vplibrary@gmail.com

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2020 Census Jobs
$16.50/hour plus $0.58/mile
Enjoyable work with paid training and very flexible hours 
in your local community.
Some of the work is knocking on doors, but there is also office work, work delivering forms and updating maps, and supervisor, management and quality control work as well.
(Provided by the US Census)